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Mento Associates believes in professional ethics. We believe means are equally and often more important than the ends. We give great emphasis for quality in our service and integrity in our conduct.

We place ourselves in the shoes of our clients and can look at issues from the client’s perspective. We believe we are trained, equipped and duty bound to take upon the clients’ problems and requirements and relieve their tensions.

We have utmost faith in judiciary and legal system. We understand, many times, people approach us as a last resort. We understand that we are duty bound to try to live up to their expectations.  

We lay great stress to interpersonal relationships. We treat business as an extension of life. We believe only good human beings can become good professionals.

We believe an uncompromising value system is the mental compass for ethical and moral conduct. For us, a value is a value only when it is not compromised even under testing circumstances. For us, a value system is never under negotiation.
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Provide quality legal service to the society, with an emphasis on value and client satisfaction.
To be a leading law firm in India with international operations.
Quality in our service and integrity in our conduct are both non negotiable.
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