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NRI, PIO, Foreign Nationals

Non-resident Indians are ambassadors of our country in other parts of the world. They impact the economy of the country tremendously with huge remittances, they send to India. The country which faced a brain drain is now facing a reverse brain drain. NRI’s have various contacts and relations with their motherland. They may purchase property, remit money to India or invest in India. Many of these transactions are guided by RBI guidelines and FEMA. People of Indian Origin (PIO) are found in almost all parts of the world. It is important to understand what are their rights in relation to India.

With the booming Indian market and economy many foreign nationals visit and stay in India on a regular basis for tourism, business, employment and educational purposes. Many of them do not know the prevailing rules and regulations, which govern their stay and conduct in India.
We at Mento Associates, render efficient service with regard to various problems and requirements faced by NRIs, PIOs and foreign nationals with regard to property, investments, business, governmental clearances, registrations, verifications, matrimonial matters etc.