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Real Estate and
Property Management

Real Estate related services Our legal back ground and professional approach gives us an extra edge over normal real estate agents in real estate related services which include:
a. Rent, Lease and Tenancy: Assistance in letting out residential/commercial property, assistance in arranging leased/rented commercial, industrial and residential spaces, assistance in recovery of possession from tenants and trespassers.
b. Assistance in buying properties: residential, commercial and industrial including negotiations and needful laisoning.
c. Assistance in selling properties: residential, commercial and industrial including negotiations and laisoning.
d. Assistance in laisoning with bankers for property loans, finance and governmental and private parties for property related issues.

Property Management Services: This is a unique service at Mento Associates. There is some sense in the say that management of a property is more difficult than acquiring a property. For several reasons, people find it difficult in managing their properties. It is more in the case of NRIs having properties in various parts of India, and for Indian citizens having properties in parts of India other than their home places. With land sharks waiting everywhere, there are real chances of losing one’s hard earned properties, unless periodic due diligence and precautionary steps are taken.
We have a well trained Property management team who can provide special packages to suit the requirements of individual clients anywhere in India. The services rendered by our Property Management team include:

a. Periodic visits to the concerned property.
b. Periodic photography and surveillance of the concerned property.
c. Periodic procurement of Encumbrance certificate of the concerned property.
d. Intimation of important information regarding Tax payment and assistance in payment of taxes of the property.
e. Periodic report about the general conditions of the concerned property, and intimation regarding changes in the prevailing law, time to time.
f. Developing contacts with the neighboring property owners and house owners.
g. Fencing and placing of name boards.